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Allison Potter L.M.T.

When Nathan asked me to write a little blurb about myself for the Abide website, I struggled to get him something in a timely fashion. I'm not used to writing about myself so I asked for help. My partner suggested it start out with "Hi, I'm Allison Potter. I'm awesome! Unicorns love me." and whereas all of those things are true, and do illustrate a clear picture of me, I reasoned that I should probably stick with the standard professional blurb. So here goes. I've been a massage therapist for about a decade, and with Abide for going on 3 years now. I attended The Massage School in Easthampton, MA and my MALic# is 8507. Within my practice at Abide Wellness Community I offer; relaxation and therapeutic massage, visceral and neuromeningeal manipulation and craniosacral therapy. I have trained with both the Barral and Upledger schools of continuing education. I also have training and experience in cupping, IASTM and kinesiotaping.The long and windy road to lead me to bodywork as a profession started out back in the mid 90's when I got really ill and a bunch of medical professionals couldn't sort out what to do about it. After several years of tests and diagnosis and treatments through traditional western medicine, and minimal actual help/healing/change to my condition, I started pursuing alternative practitioners for symptom control. What a difference this simple action made to my health and wellbeing! After about 6 months of craniosacral therapy, dietary changes, acupressure and TCM, I was on a good path to start my life anew. One of the gifted healers I worked with refused payment for her services and instead taught me about what techniques she was using and why. I was very curious to learn more and she advised me to forge a path forward where i could use my skills to help people, to pay it forward, in lieu of payment to her. I started studying anatomy and nutrition, local foraging and preserving, home birthing/birth assisting and well woman care, and came to massage therapy as a way to help people at all stages of life. It is a wonderful profession and I truly feel blessed that I get to come to work each day. I find humans endlessly fascinating and enjoy being a part of each their own journey to optimal wellness.

A Session With Allison

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Allison is not taking new clients at this time. Check back frequently for any changes.

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