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Shannon Wade, LMT, Doula, Personal Trainer:


Shannon has been assisting people in physical wellness since 1992. Believing in the value of integrating all aspects of health, a full focus approach to care has been developed over the years. Holistic Health Strategies is the approach of looking at health through multiple lenses. When you are experiencing situations that are interrupting your lifestyle it can be helpful to look at all the potential contributors. The goal is to understand what health means to you, your goals for health and to discover strategies to achieve those goals. Exploring different aspects of lifestyle along the way will help to enhance the points that are working and dissolve those that are no longer of service. Broken down, this is usually a combination of how one moves, sleeps, eats, manages stress, attitude toward healing and so much more. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and our goal is to meet you where you are with realistic strategies to get you where you want to be. This will include a combination of bodywork skills, education around posture, movement, basic nutrition, exercise, sleep, emotional and hormonal influences. Guidance will be offered when needed for choosing specialists that will take you further toward your specific goals. People of all ages, genders and levels of health and ability are invited to participate. Shannon has specialized focus in pelvic health, peri to post menopause management, labor/birth preparation and functional movement. Additionally, She is available to provide Doula support during pregnancy and labor. 


Shannon grew up in the hilltowns west of Northampton, MA and continues to live there with her husband and dog. She has two grown sons who are off making their own ways in the world. Shannon is a do-er and enjoys trying new things but especially loves biking, hiking, skiing, softball, traveling and learning new skills to share with her clients. 


Please go to to find out more! She looks forward to meeting you!

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